Our Art Hotel is both a way-station on your Te Araroa Journey (the 3000km Long Walkway) https://www.teararoa.org.nz/ and a home base in the heart of the Invercargill CBD which has free guest Wi-Fi and clean, comfortable rooms to suit your needs and your budget.

An elevator means all three floors are wheel-chair accessible, and back packer buses drop you right to our front door. 

Gadoochi Brewery

Gadoochi Brewery specialises in harvest fruit cider, grownin Central Otago and brewed in Southland. The brainchild of Nicola McGilvray and Chris Ellenden, the pair constructed a cider out the back of their central Invercargill backpacker accommodation, Tuatara, inspired after building a cidery for a restaurant in Clyde. The pair own an orchard in Central Otago and would find themselves with leftover fruit at the end of the season. Rather than let it go waste, they decided to give cider making a go and found their spray-free fruit brewing methods. Their hallmark product is the Mad Granny Cider; which is produced naturally from Granny Smiths Apples, free of sugar, artificial colours and chemical additives. Gadoochi cider feature a sumptuous medley of different orchard fruit, from cherry to nectarine to feijoa and many others. With seasonal brews available on tap at Tuatara Café and Bar, Nicola and Chris have no end of multicultural taste buds sampling the ciders, giving their thoughts on the quest to create the perfect cider.

With 16 rotating taps. Tuatara have the best selection of Craft Beer in Southland.